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The AIDS Memorial Quilt

The AIDS memorial quilt made its debut in 1987, and it was designed to serve as a memory for those whose lost the battle against AIDS.

To commemorate more than 48,000 lost lives, the quilt is made up of fabric sewn by the victims’ friends and family. This fabric contains each victim’s name and characterizes their personalities.

From Wikipedia: The AIDS quilt in front of the Washington Monument.

One fascinating thing about the quilt is how each panel is unique. Because friends and family create the victims’ part of the quilt, no two people have the same one.

Another fascinating thing about the quilt is the message that it sends. It is a statement that it does not matter what age, gender nor sexual preference the victim was, these were people that deserve to be remembered because they were important.

The AIDS quilt also serves as a means of education. Pieces of the are featured in NAMES Project “chapters” around the world. Through this display, people are are able to learn about the effects of AIDS.

It has a long history with activism. The idea for the quilt came from a gay rights activist in San Francisco in 1985. It was first presented during a Lesbian and Gay Rights march in Washington D.C.

According to the AIDS Memorial Quilt website, because of the quilt, more than $3 million has been raised for AIDS service organizations.

The largest commemoration is the world has touched the lives of so many people, and those victims featured will never be forgotten.

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