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Primary Research with Respect to the AIDs Quilt

Whenever someone writes a factual essay or an article, they typical must conduct some kind of research.; this is called primary research. According to Purdue Owl, the definition of primary research is “the process of using sources such as interviews, surveys and observations to collect information”(Driscoll). While working on this project with the AIDs quilt, a lot of primary research will be conducted to further understanding and knowledge of the panel’s history and makers.

There are many ways to go about conducting research, but because of the nature of this assignment, much of the research will be conducted through the internet and through archives.

Unfortunately, there are no other materials that accompany this panel, so my main source will be the quilt itself. However, to compensate for the lack of letters, diaries and photographs, I plan to do some research with secondary sources on the internet. Purdue explains that secondary sources are sources, such as articles from the library or online, that are typically written in retrospect of an event.

At the moment, I am conducting primary research on the Stony Brook AIDs treatment facility as that is who sent the panel to the NAMES Project. Also, I am planning on conducting research on different attitudes towards the entire quilt from the time period in which it was sent. Hopefully, this will help me gain some knowledge on the challenges of a victim of AIDs in the 1990s. I would also like to understand what the victims named on the quilt were feeling during their battle with AIDs.

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