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PSD 1: First Contact

Aids Treatment Center, Stony Brook


Automatically, one’s eye is drawn drawn the large rainbow is arching over purple mountains and a bright, yellow sun. Along the end of the rainbow are small, red ribbons.

Above the rainbow are five white clouds containing shiny, metal swirls, the sky is a turquoise color.

The AIDS Treatment Center, Stony Brook memorial quilt.

At the end of the left side of the rainbow, there is a town that is composed of twenty-five, multi-color buildings. Some buildings have symbols on them, like a cross or a plus sign.

Within the town are different types of trees.

One building is directly between in the middle of the mountains.

At the end of the right side of the rainbow lies a hill which consists of rectangular blocks. Within these blocks are designs and names of AIDs victims.



The overall tone of the panel seems to be a tone of hope for those impacted by AIDs. The rainbow acts as a beacon for this in that it sparks emotions within the viewer. Also, the sun rising on the horizon could be another metaphor for hope. The rainbow might also be a representation of the LGBT community.

The buildings which are easily identifiable by the symbols they bear. The cross is representation of religion and the plus sign is a hospital.As

As the viewer observes the quilt from left to right, they will see the colorful hill. This bring the tone from happiness to sadness as they remember the purpose for the panel. They will see that within the hills are rectangles that seem to be graves. Since the purpose of the quilt is to commemorate those who have died, the colorful hill is could be the metaphor for showing people that AIDs is a killer.

This is also similar to the metaphor of the size of the panel since it is about the size of a human grave.

Each block containing a name is very interesting. The makers incorporated the victim’s personality into their block. For example there is one block that contains a treble clef, a music note and a letter T. This leads me to believe that the victim’s name began with the letter T and they were into music or played an instrument that reads treble clef.



The next steps toward my PSD are creating a deeper “thick description” and an analysis of my panel.

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