Daily Work

PSD Activity 2


  •   The girl is wearing a type of fabric over her hair. The colors of this fabric appear to be a light blue and yellow.
    Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
    • The blue part of it is wrapped above her forehead while the yellow part is tied in a knot and hangs down past her shoulder.
    • It appears to have folding creases along the hanging-down section.
  • The girl has dark eyes, a long slender nose and parted lips.
  • Her skin is pale.
  • Her body is turned away from view, and she is looking over her left shoulder at the observer.
  • She is wearing a pearl earring in her left earlobe.
    • it appears to be shiny
  • She is wearing a mustard yellow shirt or jacket with a white collar.
  • The background is dark


  • Where is the rest of her body?
  • Why is the room dark?

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