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The object of interest is composed of two parts. The first part is a flexible, metal chain. It has a gold color and feels hard to the touch.

The second part appears to be a pendant which seems to be made of a shiny precious metal with another precious material embedded into it. It is also hard to the touch and gold in color. It also small. It is a little less than an inch across, both vertically and horizontally.

Together these seem to make a recognizable piece of jewelry.

The piece of jewelry seems to be in good condition and well taken care of. This most likely means that the object is treasured by the owner.

This could show an emotional connection between the owner and the jewelry.

The pendant itself seems to be a character from a foreign language. This character could represent many things: a name, an emotion, an experience, or a religious symbol. These possibilities could all deepen a sentimental connection to the object itself.

Three Question:

How long have you had this object?

Puja explained to me that the object was given to her by her mother and has been with her since she was born. She also told me that this is her most cherished possession.

What does the symbol on the pendant mean?

According to her, the symbol is called the “Om symbol.” It is a symbol from the Hindu religion. She compared it to the cross of Christianity.

How does this object help you in your daily life?

Puja told me that whenever she is troubled, she thinks of the necklace, and it brings her comfort and peacefulness. Apparently this is what the “Om” symbol means to the Hindu culture.


Through my deductions of the object and Puja’s testimony, I can conclude that the object does in fact have a deep sentimental and emotional connection to its owner.

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