Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Working Title: Stony Brook and How It Connects to a Greater Health Problem

  • Stony Brook
    • What I know
      • New York
      • Founded in 1987
      • Designated HIV/AIDS Center of Suffolk County, New York
    • What I need to know
      • Who is clientele
      • How is it connected to the university
      • History of the Center
        • Who organized it
        • Who it was designed for
          • public or private
      • Who it is for now
        • students, staff larger community?
      • Who works there
  • Why is Stony Brook involved?
    • How are they benefiting?
  • What can we learn about treatment/community/commitment to public health?
    • How does AIDS Treatment Center Stony Brook relate to a bigger picture in fight against HIV/AIDS
      • #5339
    • fear/intensity

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